Dome Decals (GEL DECALS)

Our Domed Decals (also known as GEL DECALS) are the ultimate in elevating your company to the next level, not to mention a great way to hide drill holes or scratches you need to cover up on a safe or door.

Domed Decals/Gel Decals feature a clear polyurethane coating, creating a 3-D “domed” appearance. They are 30 times thicker than a normal decal and will not cave into the hole like a normal decal will.

Dome Decals are waterproof and rustproof along with scratch, fade, salt, oil, germ and chemical resistant and can be used indoors or out and applied to plastic, metal or glass.
White, Clear, Chrome and Brushed Chrome are the backgrounds available to choose from.
Our Standard Size pricing includes 1 color of ink and our Custom Sizes include Full Color Imprint.
STANDARD SIZES - 1 Color1252505001000
.75"X.75"  1" X 1"$310.00 $434.00 $459.00$690.00
1.5" Dia. 2"x1.25"Oval$343.00$503.00$600.00$998.00
CUSTOM SIZES - Full Color  
3 sq. inches or less (min. 1"x1")$357.00$520.00$620.00$1030.00
3.01 sq. - 5.9 sq. inches$382.00$550.00$690.00$1230.00
6 sq. - 10 sq. inches$425.00$653.00$1060.00$1670.00

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