Our labels are weatherproof and resistant to cleaning products and sun damage.
All weatherproof labels are laminated for added protection at no additional fee.
The illustration shows some of the most popular sizes but any Size and Shape is available.
Price includes design time, proof and one standard ink color on your choice of label stock:
Brushed Silver, Matte Silver, Shiny Silver, Yellow, White and Clear
1" X 1"$165.00$219.00$306.00$346.00
1" X 1.5", 1" X 2"$169.00$226.00$314.00$352.00
1" X 2.5" 1.5" X 1.5", 1.5" X 2"$175.00$230.00$317.00$422.00
1.5" X 2.5", 1" X 3"$188.00$244.00$330.00$455.00
1.5" X 3"$188.00$244.00$330.00$455.00
2" X 4"$207.00$263.00$348.00$470.00
Add'l Cost For 2nd Ink - ADD$56.00$56.00$56.00$66.00

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